Release Notes

Change Log for Lead Commerce

4.2.40 Release Notes

Released: 2/6/2016

The 4.2.40 release focused on improvements to the user interface of the back office, new features and functionality and stability and performance upgrades. New…

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4.2.39 Release Notes

Released: 10/16/2015

In the 4.2.39 release, it focused on a variety of internal updates and bug fixes. This was a stability release. Changes Internal security updates…

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4.2.38 Release Notes

Released: 10/7/2015

In the 4.2.38 release, it focused on building a variety of new tools to allow for additional business logic on orders and customer rules. This…

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4.2.37 Release Notes

Released: 9/16/2015

In the 4.2.37 release, it focused on enhancing the Order Templates by offering a variety of new tags and templates. That includes a new Order…

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4.2.36 Release Notes

Released: 9/4/2015

In the 4.2.36 release, many smaller enhancements were done to help mature the product and ensure a better usability for our customers. One of the…

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4.2.35 Release Notes

Released: 8/7/2015

This release addressed a variety of things such as a few new features, changes to the application on how some rules perform and a variety…

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4.2.34 Release Notes

Released: 7/22/2015

This release includes a number of enhancements to payment providers and the way we validate customer addresses. New We have enhanced our Address validation and…

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