Import your Amazon orders, update orders with tracking numbers and synchronize your inventory.

Lead Management & Nurturing

Lead Commerce allows you to capture leads from your storefront as well as from 3rd party applications.

Using Customer Types you can customize web forms and capture specific data points about different types of customers.

Upon capturing a new lead, you can then keep track of your sales pipeline using the Opportunities feature of Lead Commerce.

Sell to Different Types of Customers

Lead Commerce gives you the ability to sell to different types of customers and provides a powerful set of rules to do this efficiently.

With our Customer Types feature you can set certain customers to view specific sets of products, specific shipping providers, different payment methods and more.

This allows you to scale your business to serve consumers, businesses and distributors without impacting your operations.

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Support Emails & Customer Portal

Lead Commerce allows you to completely customize your support experience all the way down to the support emails your customers receive.

When using our ecommerce storefront our customer portal allows you to provide access to your customers so they can view their open orders and quotes, create or update support tickets, view secure documents and update their address and account information.

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