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Credit Memos

Today we are happy to announce the addition of Credit Memos as a new feature in Lead Commerce. This has been a heavily asked for feature from our install base.…

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Using Kits within Lead Commerce

How to Utilize Kits and Kit Technology as a Broad Concept and in Lead Commerce This article will discuss how to utilize kits and kit technology as a broad concept, and then how to apply that concept for use in the Lead Commerce system and your everyday eCommerce marketing…

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Putaway Strategies

This article discusses Putaway Strategies in regards to warehouse management and warehouse management systems (WMS). When considering a Putaway Strategy, there are key factors that should be consider; these being Velocity, Seasonality, Dimensions and Kitting/Assembly. We will consider each of these in providing a general overview in how these four…

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Zendesk FAQ

This blog discusses our move to Zendesk and answers any questions you might have. Why is Lead Commerce moving to Zendesk? We believe that our current support process requires multiple steps in order for customers to work with support. We would like to make working with our support team easier…

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Lead Commerce Invoicing

We are excited to announce the new Invoicing feature in Lead Commerce. This has been a widely requested feature from our users and we are happy to announce its release in 4.2.43. With Invoicing, users can now invoice for the items that have been shipped on a Sales Order. Sales…

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