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What's New - April 2015 Edition

Grid Ordering Grid Ordering is a new feature added to Lead Commerce which allows you to control the ordering interface on Product pages in the storefront. Grid Ordering allows you to present all combinations of a product that can be ordered and is a superior interface when customers want to…

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Magento Toolbox

Below is a working PHP toolbox example for Magento. Install this code on your own server and change the config.php file to work with your Magento instance with your Lead Commerce Store. Magento Toolbox…

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What's New - March 2015 Edition

In this month's edition of What's New, we highlight the newest features and enhancements to the Lead Commerce order management platform. FLEX Order Notification (FN) The FLEX Notification or FN feature allows users of Lead Commerce to post order, product and customer information to any 3rd party URL for any…

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What's New - February 2015 Edition

Another edition of What's New... enjoy! Weight Display We added the ability to see the individual weight for Fulfillments. You now see the individual line item weights as well as the aggregated weight of the entire fulfillment. This new feature is beneficial for two reasons: 1) customers can now see…

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What's New - January 2015 Edition

Happy New Year! Here is a quick breakdown of what we have recently added to Lead Commerce as well as our plans to make Lead Commerce even better in 2015. Address Validation by Smarty Streets Lead Commerce now verifies and checks that address information is accurate prior to producing the…

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