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The Pros & Cons of Open Source eCommerce Software

Open source software, and in particular open source ecommerce software, has been around for quite some time. Open source first got major exposure when Linus Torvalds released the very first version of the Linux operating system. Since then, multiple industries have seen the rise of "open source" solutions such as…

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Micro eCommerce Websites

We have lots of clients. When we speak to them, they always ask us what strategies other clients are using to market their products online. One tactic, used quite often these days, is launching a micro or seasonal ecommerce website. A seasonal or micro website is a site focused entirely…

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The Flexible Order Lifecycle

All businesses are different. Consultants, attorneys and web designers provide a service, musicians create items you download (like MP3s and videos) and retailers have products that ship in boxes to your doorstep. However, each has one very important thing in common; they all need a way to transact online. The…

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Product Attributes & Product Options

This post covers the similarities and differences between Product Attributes and Product Options. Sometimes these two components of our ecommerce software solution, Lead Commerce, can be tricky to understand. Therefore, we would like to provide some details about these two components and how they can be implemented in real world…

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10 Questions to Ask eCommerce Web Designers

Reviewing eCommerce software web designers can seem a daunting task to many companies, as there are many facets to great eCommerce websites and for those making their first foray into the online market, knowing exactly what to look for is difficult. Here are ten of the most important things to…

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