Posted: 3/30/2011

eCommerce Website Development

In order to compete in an increasingly cutthroat Internet marketplace, companies need to not only develop robust online presences but also ensure they deliver easy shopping options to consumers. Without a well-maintained eCommerce website, a company may find customers drifting to other sites that are more user-friendly, or miss business opportunities in the form of non-local clients who search by quality of website, rather than retail service. In order to make the most of any eCommerce software, a company should consider the use of an eCommerce website developer; here are several tips for evaluating a potential development firm.First, any eCommerce software development firm should either have their own proprietary eCommerce software or supply a company with high-quality software services from a reputable vendor. If the only software offered is outdated or cannot be located through a quick online search for reviews, the developer may not have the skills necessary to deliver the kind of eCommerce website that brings in visitors and converts them to sales.Next, companies should ask a developer what their process is when dealing with a new client. If the answer is to roll out a stock version of eCommerce software or if the developer is more interested in telling a company what they need rather than listening to what the company requires, chances are the eCommerce site developed will not be tailored to a company's needs and in turn may not perform as desired. Web developers that specialize in eCommerce should begin any new venture with a detailed look at what a company wants their eCommerce site to do, what kinds of products are sold and how best to deliver information about those products to site visitors. In order to do so, a developer should be open to ideas, willing to compromise and never attempt to force a company into using a particular brand of software or particular shopping cart system.It is also crucial to see examples of a developer's work before hiring them. Although many for-pay and free eCommerce themes are available online, it's what a developer can do with those themes that sets them apart. Basic themes contain fill-in-the-blank spaces for information, pricing and shipping details, but a developer that has expertise and experience can take a stock template and make it a company's own, or create one from scratch that immediately grabs customer attention and ensures it does not waver.Good eCommerce website development starts with great eCommerce software; along with an eye for detail, an interest in listening to what a company needs and a willingness to build from the ground up as needed, great developers can go a long way toward boosting sales.

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