Posted: 9/10/2014

Lead Commerce Reporting

We recently released a native version of our reporting capabilities in Lead Commerce.  Reporting is an important aspect for any growing business.  Being able to quickly identify what products are selling the best, what products are low on inventory and who your best customers are, can all be done with the Reporting module of Lead Commerce.  Additionally, Lead Commerce allows you to create custom reports that you can save as a template.  This allows you to create reports and re-run them whenever you like.

Once a report has been initiated from the Process section of the Report drill down page, Lead Commerce will email you the result of the report in CSV format which can then be exported to other tools such as Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheets or other business applications like Quickbooks.

The Lead Commerce Reports module also allows you to use custom attributes to control the results of your reports.  If you have used a drop down or check box type attribute anywhere in Lead Commerce, its ready to be used as a filter within the Criteria section of the Reports builder.

Lead Commerce Reports span across the three most important areas of your business; products, customers and sales.  Each report you build allows you to also specify both a start date and end date, so you can focus in on specific time periods across your business.  Using the Reporting module, you can create customized reports for all three modules, save them, re-run them and archive the results for download later on.  And like everything we build, its all included regardless of the size of your organization.

Currently, Lead Commerce offers the following report types:

- Products
- SKUs
- Category
- Orders
- Customers
- Leads

Each one of the Report Types above will dynamically add any active Attributes you have created, to allow for truly customized reporting.  For example, if you have created a Customer Attribute called Sales Region or Sales Rep, you can now filter down the result to a particular area or account manager by simply selecting that value.

Example reports are included with the release of Reporting, but you should experiment and try building some reports of your own.  As always, we would love to hear your thoughts and opinions of this new feature, so we encourage you to report any issues or comments here.

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