Posted: 4/12/2012

The Flexible Order Lifecycle

All businesses are different. Consultants, attorneys and web designers provide a service, musicians create items you download (like MP3s and videos) and retailers have products that ship in boxes to your doorstep. However, each has one very important thing in common; they all need a way to transact online. The point is that commerce is different, depending on what kind of business you run. Each has there own characteristics and specific requirements, which is why we built Lead Commerce the way we did. We took a heterogenous approach to product management, allowing for users to have a high level of flexibility and granularity. The result is a system that scales no matter what direction your business might go.

However, they all need a way of managing their customers, billing their customers and and clients process orders differently. For this reason, Lead Commerce gives you the ability to customize Order Lifecycle with your own definitions and terminology. Order Lifecycles are a big part of selling any product or service online. Being able to customize an ecommerce software solution to match your pre-defined internal operations is key; which is why we designed our ecommerce software to do exactly that. By default, Lead Commerce comes with eight (8) pre-defined order status values. Those are reflected in the image below:

Lead Commerce allows you to use all or some of these status values within your own organization. Additionally, if you don't need these status values you can choose to deactivate the ones you do not need. This provides you or your clients with the ultimate flexibility and extensibility to plug in perfectly within business processes and procedures.
We design and develop our software with flexibility in mind so that we can meet the needs of every client. For more information on Lead Commerce or to request a demo, contact us here.

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