Posted: 8/18/2010

State of the Art

Lead Commerce is a state of the art ecommerce software solution for Fortune 500 to small and mid-sized companies. Our software allows you to build a sophisticated commerce solution to allow you to sell products, services or anything online. If you are considering buying a new ecommerce product or have an existing ecommerce solution and believe you have out grown its features and functionality then we definitely suggest requesting a demo of our award winning ecommerce software product.

What makes our ecommerce software so good?
Lets start with features like our Import / Export Wizard. Or maybe you have complex products that require different attributes and options when ordering; no problem! Using our Product Attributes feature or Product Options capability allows you to serve up your products to consumers or businesses in no time at all.

It's in the cloud!
Forget hosting configuration files, database scripts or Apache Server. We take care of it all for you. We run Lead Commerce in a 5-Star data center located in San Antonio, Texas USA. We promise 99.99% uptime for your websites 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Talk about floating on clouds!

It's beyond flexible!
We built Lead Commerce for one very good reason... flexibility. We saw that a considerable amount of the current ecommerce software platforms out in the market place had significant constraints which would not allow customers to get the exact look and feel of their website that they wanted.

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