Posted: 7/31/2014

What's New - August Edition

Hello All,

Another month closer to the holiday sales rush.  We hope everyone is gearing up for those holiday sales and preparing for what most feel will be the biggest online holiday sales year in history.  As always, we've been working diligently on adding more features into Lead Commerce and this past month was no different.  See below for all the details:

Bulk Processing
Bulk Processing found in the Sales module is a powerful feature to process pick lists, packing slips, and shipping labels across your shipping providers and sales channels.  It allows you to ship hundreds of orders all at once without having to drill into each order individually.  All paperwork such as packing slips, labels and pick lists are emailed to the user running the Bulk Process and the last run can also be downloaded once it has completed from the back office.  We have also included the ability for you to apply additional criteria to your Bulk Processing tasks with the "Criteria" tab.  This is helpful if you want to process a Shipping Provider by different classes, orders with a minimum dollar amount, order status' and more.  Learn more about this very powerful feature within Lead Commerce.

Enhancements to Opportunities
We have enhanced the Opportunities component of Lead Commerce to allow for additional filters and filtering.  Prior all Opportunities, regardless of the Stage were included in the main table view upon load.  We have enhanced this feature to filter out the Closed Lost, Closed Won and Unresponsive filters which can now be retrieved by using the "+" next to the Active Opportunities table.  This allows for a quick filtering of all potential sales deals you have in your pipeline and to move these deals back and forth depending upon your needs.

Purchase Order API
We have added another new API to our growing list of API functionality and abilities.  You can now push and pull Purchase Order data via the Purchase Order API.  This allows for 3rd party systems to integrate directly with the purchasing capabilities and features of the Lead Commerce platform.  Click here for more information on the Purchase Order API.

Product Search Enhancements
We have redesigned the Product Search interface to make it quicker, faster and easier to load multiple line items into an order without having to use the Added Products tab.  This also lowers the amount of processing time the browser has to do in order to compute what needs to be added.  Users should see a major performance increase with this enhancement.

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