Posted: 2/2/2015

What's New - February 2015 Edition

Another edition of What's New... enjoy!

Weight Display
We added the ability to see the individual weight for Fulfillments. You now see the individual line item weights as well as the aggregated weight of the entire fulfillment. This new feature is beneficial for two reasons: 1) customers can now see which Fulfillments are over the weight limitations based on shipping class and provider standards and 2) users can quickly tell how to break up a Fulfillment based on the line item weights to make each Fulfillment compliant with weight restrictions per shipping provider (FedEx, UPS and USPS each have their own weight limits per Fulfillment). This new data displays on the Fulfillment line item in the Fulfillments section of the order drill down. The line item weights can be found on the Fulfillment edit window when clicking on an individual Fulfillment.

Search Enhancements
Lead Commerce now allows users to configure the Search Algorithm for all searches across the back office and storefront. These new settings can be found in the System Settings section of the back office. Users can choose from the type of String Match they would like to search for and the weighted columns for Products, Customers, Orders and SKUs. Other options include the removal of special characters from the search string and Attribute search variables. If an Attribute search is selected, users can update any existing Attributes with the "Make Searchable" flag, which makes those values apart of the search result set. For more information on this powerful new feature, please see our online documentation.

Order FN
We have enhanced our Order FLEX Notification (Order FN) to allow for the passing of multiple data points on the Order Confirmation output page. Users using the order-confirmation.flex file can now pass over 20 different order variables to 3rd party URLs or applications. This is helpful if you need to not only capture order data in Lead Commerce but also push order information to 3rd party software products instead of pulling the data from the Lead Commerce API. For more information on the Order FN and its capabilities and examples of use, please see our online documentation.

Packaging Weights
Users have always had the ability to create the packages that they will use to ship their customers items. You can now define a default weight of the box as well as the packing materials in two separate columns on the Package edit window found on the Shipping Providers drill down page. Users can specify the Package Base Weight and Packaging Material Weight. Both are calculated in pounds and can be entered as decimals to indicate less that a pound variation. Lead Commerce will then add these default weight factors when passing up the aggregate weight of each Fulfillment to the Shipping Provider being used. This option is available on all Shipping Providers as well as Custom Providers. For more information on Packaging Weight options, please see our online documentation.


We have some exciting new features coming very soon to Lead Commerce, including:

- Single Page Checkout
- Kits, Bundles & Assemblies
- Four Digit Pricing & Costing
- Grid Ordering (Bulk Ordering) for the Storefront
- Attribute Ordering
- API v2
- SQUARE Integration
- Input Variations

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