Posted: 5/2/2014

What's New - May Edition

Howdy Folks,

We always like to keep everyone informed on new features and other changes in Lead Commerce.  Check out all of the new functionality that we added in the month of April below.


Enhanced Website Registration (Checkout) Options
Website Registration is a new feature that has been added in the FLEX settings area of the back office.  It allows you to define how your checkout process works within your storefront.  There are four options that you can choose from for total control over the registration and checkout process.  To learn more, review our Lead Commerce manual located here.

Quick Links to Documentation
We have added the ability to quickly find the documentation that covers the area of the Lead Commerce back office that you might be in.  Simply click on the More Now menu located thorughout the back office area and then select the "Documentation" option to be taken immediately to our online support articles and manual.

Enhanced Auto-SEO Capabilities
When adding a new Product, Category or Page in the back office, Lead Commerce will auto-propagate the page name into the Title Tag.

FLEX Notification (FN)
Lead Commerce can now post data to a 3rd party URL when a new lead or customer is created from the storefront.  This feature will be enhanced in the very near future to post order information as well.  Learn more about this powerful feature.

Category API
We have added another component to our API which now allows you to push and pull your product Categories via our API.  For more information checkout the Category API documentation.

Global 301 Redirect
Located within the SEO Settings subcomponent of the Lead Commerce back office, is a new section called 301 Redirects.  This area allows you to define URLs globally and redirect them to newer URLs to give you even more added SEO controls.  This feature is especially handy when moving to a new SEO strategy within your storefront.

Robots.txt Controls
We have now added the ability to control your robots.txt file directly from the Lead Commerce back office.  Now you can view and update your robots.txt file for more controls over how search engines spider your storefront.

Sitemap Loop (HTML Sitemap)
We have enhanced our HTML sitemap to now include a single line FLEX variable for creating a basic HTML sitemap.  This allows more novice developers to quickly implement an HTML sitemap without having to use multiple FLEX functions to create one.  For more information on this new FLEX variable, please see our online documentation.

Enhanced Return Process
We have enhanced our Returns capability of our order workflow.  You can now drill down into a specific section on an order called Returns.  This new section also allows you to create multiple RMAs and to send RMA PDFs and instructions on how to process a return with your company.

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