Posted: 11/3/2014

What's New - November 2014 Edition

Check out the latest features and enhancements from the Lead Commerce development team.

Theme Import
You can now Import a Lead Commerce template with just a few clicks of your mouse.  This now opens up a huge opportunity for web designers and developers to build beautiful web templates for our ecommerce order management software platform.  Checkout the blog post we did that explains how this importing functionality works.

Theme Export
We have added, along with the web templates Import, the ability to Export out a Lead Commerce template as well.  This functionality now allows for multiple uses such as web developers who want to build a custom template for Lead Commerce, the system will now export out the .zip which acts as an installation file for the template on another instance of Lead Commerce.  Additionally, clients can take advantage of this functionality and build out newer versions of their website on a trial of Lead Commerce and then import the new template in when it is ready to go live.  To learn more, read our blog specifically on the export of web templates in Lead Commerce.

Search Algorithm Enhancements
The development team also made some search enhancements that will provide for more accurate search results both in the storefront area as well as the back office.  These enhancements are the precursor to the next version of our search algorithm which will allow for users to customize and include specific operators and search weights on what is important to them.

Disable All Email
This option was added in the System Configuration area of the Back Office of Lead Commerce.  You can now control all email system messages from being sent using this new option.  This option, regardless of the settings on Sales Channels or Customer Types, will disable all notifications across the entire application.

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