Posted: 10/1/2014

What's New - October Edition 2014

It's that time again, another edition of What's New in Lead Commerce.  Here we recap all of the cool new features we added to Lead Commerce in the last 4 weeks.  We pride ourselves on being the most actively developed platform in the market today.  We constantly take your feedback and enhance our ecommerce order management software solution to make it better for you and future customers.  Below is a small recap of the new features we added last month.

For those customers who have been with us since version 3, you may recall the reports we used to have in the back office of Lead Commerce.  These reports while useful, never were really used, according to the clients we interviewed.  We therefore removed this Module from Lead Commerce with the release of Version 4.0.1 and went back to the drawing board on a better Reporting framework.

Today we're pleased to announce the next version of Lead Commerce Reporting.  Based on your feedback, users can now build their own custom report templates across six different subcomponents like Products, Orders, Customers and more.  Our reporting also works with our powerful Attributes feature, so any custom data points that you have created can now be incorporated into your custom reports from the Criteria section of the Reports drill down page.  The entire development team is very excited to release this feature and we hope that you all find it extremely intuitive and useful.  To learn more, read our blog announcement here regarding this cool new feature.

Theme Editor Enhancements
We have made some performance enhancements to the Theming Editor in the back office of Lead Commerce to allow developers to work quicker and easier than before.  These performance enhancements also will set the stage for the next big Theme Editor features coming out in October which are the ability to Export a theme (Lead Commerce template) as well as an overhaul of our current Import Theme functionality which will bring in CSS, JS, Images, Fonts and FLEX Files.  This will streamline the development process and also opens the door for developers who are interested in building themes and getting this into our Marketplace. Additionally, we have added the ability to upload single images from the More Menu of the Theme Editor as well as the Bulk Upload that we always had.

Credit Card Authorization Response Codes
We have enhanced our Payment Method to now include the system response codes that we receive back from the gateway when a transaction posts.  Now instead of just seeing the "Declined" or "Error" status of the Payment, you can drill into that Payment and see the Response and Error we received from the gateway itself.  This provides merchants with a more granular view into a particular transaction and the reason there was an issue processing a customers credit card.  For more information on this new feature, please see our online documentation.

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