Posted: 9/1/2014

What's New - September Edition

It's time for another edition of What's New.  Read below on what we added to Lead Commerce during the month of August.

Table Performance Enhancements
Lead Commerce now loads almost 2,100% faster than in previous versions of our application.  We load tested our back office table load times using over 1 million records and were able to increase the table load time to within milliseconds.  This performance enhancement was deployed to all active Lead Commerce customers.

Smart Ship
We received this request from quite a few customers and have finally added a new shipping feature we are calling "Smart Ship".  With Smart Ship, you do not need to calculate shipping manually as Lead Commerce will now do this for you.  This is extremely helpful for clients using Lead Commerce who sell to the same clients every single month.  The Smart Ship setting can be turned on and off from the Sales Channel Rules section.  For more information on Smart Ship, see our online documentation.

Purchase Orders API Enhancements
Lead Commerce enhanced the Purchase Order API to include the ability to receive POs from the API directly instead of the back office area.  Users can now, via API, insert POs from other 3rd party systems or query and extract purchasing history from Lead Commerce.

Enhanced File Security
Lead Commerce enhanced the way files get accessed from the server to include an additional check to ensure the session is logged into Lead Commerce in order to retrieve the file itself.

Inventory Adjustments
Lead Commerce enhanced the Inventory Adjustments section of the SKU drill down to include the user who performed the adjustment for historical auditing capabilities.  Additionally, the Inventory Adjustments that are manifested from an RMA now include the Order ID that they are associated to within the Inventory Adjustment record.

SKU Price/Cost Changes
Some users had asked for the ability to update the Product Price or Cost from the SKU level ONLY when there are no variations present.  Therefore, any products that have a single SKU mapped will receive both Price and Cost updates if they are updated at the SKU level.

API File Attachments
Lead Commerce now offers the ability to import File Attachments across all publicly documented APIs.  This includes Products, SKUs, Purchase Orders, Orders, Customers and more.  See the API documentation for more details.

301 Redirect API
Another new API added this month is the 301 Redirect API.  This allows large sets of URLs to be imported into Lead Commerce quickly in one batch versus individually added from the bacck office area.

User Inactivity Time
We enhanced our security settings for the Back Office login to allow for users to customize the logout time.  This setting can be found on the User Roles drill down page in the Details section.  Users can pick from the following time limits: 5, 15 and 30 minute increments or 1, 2, 4 or 8 hour increments.

New File Extension Options
The File Attachment capability was enhanced to include other additional file types that we did not support previously.  For a full list of accepted file types, please see our online documentation.

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