Record Status

In Lead Commerce, we provide a status for all our records. Most records follow a status of "Active", "Inactive", and "Archive" workflow. In the API, we represent all of our status in a numeric format. By default unless specified all record follow the following format. By default all records are created as Active by default.

0 Inactive
1 Active
2 Archive

Sometimes, some APIs such as Orders break the convention and follow a different status breakdown. Below you will find the individual APIs and their different status.

Order Status
1 Quote
2 Pending
3 Backordered
4 Partially Backordered
5 Canceled
6 Hold
7 Processing
8 Partially Shipped
9 Shipped
10 Returned
11 Pending Return
12 Partially Returned
Order Fulfillment Status
1 Ready
2 Canceled
3 Backordered
4 Packing
5 Shipped
6 Returned
7 Partially Backordered
8 Pending Return
9 Partially Returned
Credit Card Status
1 Approved
2 Declined
3 Error
4 Held for Review
5 Canceled

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