Response Status

Lead Commerce API sends a response header for each request requested. These HTTP status codes contain unique informational errors that help categorize the response.

2xx Success

2xx responses are returned for requests that were processed successfully

Code Definition Purpose
200 OK Successful POST request. Most successful requests return this status.
201 Created Successful POST request
202 Accepted Successful requested schedule request
204 No Content Successful request with no response

3xx Redirection

Code Definition Purpose
301 Moved Permanently API URL has changed and has been moved
302 Found Response given when a request has been deprecated for the current API version

4xx Client Error

Code Definition Purpose
400 Bad Request Most common header thrown for the Lead Commerce for invalid POST data. This is usually from missing required parameters, incomplete parameters or invalid parameters given. Please refer to the API error given for a more specific error towards your API request.
401 Unauthorized When a user doesn't have access to perform a specific action on that api due to an invalid key or invalid permissions. Permissions can be set on the API page in the back office.
403 Forbidden When too many requests are sent per second. You are allowed 1 request per second.
404 Not Found API is not found because of invalid version or unavailable API.
413 Request Entity Too Large POST array is too large for API. Limit on POST array is 3,000

5xx Server Error

5xx responses are returned because the API request could not be processed due to an internal error or API has exceeded a limit on your store.

Code Definition Purpose
500 Internal Server Error An internal error occurred with the Lead Commerce API.
501 Not Implemented API request is not implemented in the current API verison
503 Service Unavailable When the API is in developer mode and API access is restricted
507 Insufficient Storage When your action is valid but the current stores version does not support this action due to size limitations
509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded Max number of requests per hour. This is usually because 500 API requests have been requested for that hour.

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