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                            API Documentation


                            Type Id
                            List SKUs
                            URL http://{domain}/api/v2/SKUs/id.json
                            Accepts Filters No
                            Output Attributes

                            SKUs ID Data

                            Gets SKUs ID info. Using this API one can retrieve the Lead Commerce IDs of SKUs using a list of Lead Commerce SKU IDs. The ID is the primary key identifier for SKUs in Lead Commerce. The SKU is the visual identifier which is customizable when "Use Custom SKUs" is checked in System Settings, Default Increment. (Note: display_id flag corresponds to the SKU identifier).
                            Filter the SKUs into a list.
                            Parameter Type Rules Example
                            display_id int / array one id or multiple Lead Commerce SKU display ids
                            1 or array(3,8,9,45)


                            Example JSON returned
                              "code": "200",
                              "data": {
                                "28": "20005",
                                "27": "20004",
                                "26": "20003",
                                "25": "20002"

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