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                            API Documentation


                            Type Update
                            List SKUs
                            URL http://{domain}/api/v2/SKUs/update.json
                            Accepts Filters No
                            Output Attributes

                            Update SKUs

                            These parameters are used for Updating SKUs. Using this API one can update Lead Commerce SKUs. The specific data points include ID, cost, price, vendor, status, etc. The ID is the SKU, available only if Custom SKU is enabled, the cost is the wholesale cost of the SKU item, the price is the retail price of the SKU item, vendor is the ID or IDs in an array of vendors who have the item identified by the SKU, and status is SKU status.
                            Parameter Type Required Notes
                            id string
                            No Only available if Custom SKU is enabled. X4545RL0-998
                            status int No SKU status Active
                            cost decimal Yes
                            Enter amount in US Dollars 19.95
                            price decimal Yes
                            Enter amount in US Dollars 34.95
                            attributes int No

                            See attribute documentation.
                            weight_only boolean No

                            true or false
                            tiered_pricing array Customer Type must already exist. Array key is the customer type id
                            ship_alone boolean No

                            true or false
                            length int No
                            Enter in Inches (in) 12
                            width int No
                            Enter in Inches (in) 36
                            height int No
                            Enter in Inches (in) 8
                            weight decimal Yes
                            Enter in Pounds (lbs) 2.2
                            vendors array No
                            ID from Vendors array(1081, 605, 984)


                            Example JSON returned
                              "code": "200",
                              "data": [
                                  "id": "1",
                                  "title": "450-0001 Modern-Fit Vest (Blue, S)",
                                  "tag": "6A131KIYYFIL135C5CJOGT1ZU"

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