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                            API Documentation


                            Type List
                            List Tax Regions
                            URL http://{domain}/api/v2/taxregions.json
                            Accepts Filters Yes
                            Output Attributes

                            List Tax Regions

                            Gets the filtered LIST of Tax Regions. Using this API one can retrieve limited data on the Tax Regions which have been input into Lead Commerce. This LIST contains the fields ID, name, status and tax rate for each Tax Region. The ID is the primary key identifier for Tax Regions in Lead Commerce, the name is the Tax Region name, the status is the status of the Tax Region, and the tax rate is the Tax Region's rate of taxation in decimal format.
                            Filter the Tax Regions into a LIST. Tax Regions Attributes are available as a filter. Attributes are user defined customizable fields which use graphical control elements such as Text Box, Checkbox and Dropdown Menu.
                            Parameter Type Rules Example
                            status int 0,1 or 2
                            modify_start date
                            modify_end date
                            Parameters can be added to the CURL call to paginate the List. The maximum limit is 250. By default, this limit is set to 100.
                            Parameter Type Default Example
                            limit int 1 2
                            page int 1 5


                            Example JSON returned
                              "code": "200",
                              "data": [
                                  "id": "2",
                                  "name": "Texas",
                                  "tax_rate": "0.06250",
                                  "status": "1"
                                  "id": "1",
                                  "name": "California",
                                  "tax_rate": "0.07500",
                                  "status": "1"

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