Lead Commerce API is broken into 5 different types of APIs: List, Info, ID, Create and Update.


This type of API will return limited data about particular records. This API is designed to use filters. A filter can be as simple as passing in an id number to finding record that have been modified with a particular time frame.

List API:


I am wanting to find all the customers that have been modified over a period of time. The List API type is a perfect solution by passing in the filters you need such as timestamps to return the customers and their id numbers.


This type of API will return a detailed list of the data about that record. There can be one type of Info API per module or their can be many depending on the data you are trying to retrieve. This API is a great if you are trying to get all the details about a particular record. This API requires the usage of Lead Commerce ID's. The result JSON will contain a key and a value. The Key will be the Lead Commerce ID and the value is your custom defined value.

Info API:


I am wanting to get all of the images tied to Lead Commerce Products ID 2, 5, and 94. By using the Info API Products Image, I can find all the images tied to those products.


The ID API type is designed for converting custom IDs into Lead Commerce ID's. This is particulary useful if you already have your ID number and want the Lead Commerce ID for an Info, Update or Create API type.



I have all my products on Amazon and want to update the inventory on Lead Commerce. By using the ID type API, I am able to convert their ID numbers into Lead Commerce ID numbers so I can create an Inventory Adjustment. using the Inventory API


The create API will allow for creating records inside Lead Commerce.

Create API:


I have a list of products that I need created inside Lead Commerce.


Update an existing record inside Lead Commerce.

Update API:


I have a list of products that need to be updated inside Lead Commerce.

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