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                            API Documentation


                            Type Update
                            List Vendors
                            URL http://{domain}/api/v2/vendors/update.json
                            Accepts Filters No
                            Output Attributes

                            Update Vendors

                            These parameters are used for updating Vendors. Using this API one can update Lead Commerce Vendors. The specific data points include id, name, terms, send_email, warehouse, status and addresses. The id is the Vendor id, the name is the Vendor name, the terms are the method of payment terms, send_email is a boolean for automatically sending an email when PO is placed, status is vendor status and addresses are Vendor addresses. The address data block includes full_name, status, address information, etc.
                            Parameter Type Required Notes
                            int Yes
                            name string Yes
                            ABC Vendor
                            terms int Yes
                            status int
                            0, 1 or 2
                            send_email boolean No Automatically send Vendor email when PO placed true
                            warehouse int No
                            address array
                            No See below for data points

                            Address Data Points

                            These are the values for Address info.
                            Key Data Type Required Example Notes
                            full_name string Yes Tom Smith Customer full name for shipping
                            status int No 1
                            Set address status, default to active if not set
                            address_1 string Yes 101 Main St
                            Customer street address
                            address_2 string No

                            city string Yes Los Angeles
                            subregion string Yes CA Customer State (abbr)
                            postal_code string Yes 90210
                            region string Yes United States Customer Country
                            phone string No 310-555-9876
                            default_billing int No 1 Set address as default billing address
                            default_shiping int No 1 Set address as default shipping address

                            Vendor Terms
                            1 COD
                            2 Check
                            3 Credit Card
                            4 Net 15
                            5 Net 30
                            6 Net 45
                            7 Net 60
                            8 Net 90
                            9 Net 1


                            Example JSON returned
                              "code": "200",
                              "data": [
                                  "id": "2",
                                  "title": "WXYZ Vendor",
                                  "tag": "MZG1PGR7GHJ9YMHB8XVZKBBOD"

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