CDN - Content Delivery Network

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. With Lead Commerce, all of our customers get to take advantage of a CDN run by Fastly, which is included in your monthly subscription either in the storefront or the back office.

How does that work? When you upload an image, js or css to the Lead Commerce server, we create caching rules on our server for that resource. When a user accesses your site, the request will be made to the Lead Commerce Server, which in turn will pull the file from the closest CDN server based on the customer's location. That means your storefront will be able to load quickly and efficiently from all over the world. A faster site and higher site capacity and a better experience for your customers.


To learn more about Fastly and their service, visit


Lead Commerce has implemented the CDN into most of your storefront automatically such as product images. You will notice that Lead Commerce will add something like "..../image.jpg ?432456722". This generated URL is being used by the CDN to ensure the most up to date files are being shared on all the "edge servers" around the world.

Lead Commerce has 3 output tags available to implement and make use of the CDN to its full potential, asset_url, include_js, and include_css.

Note that asset_url is available within any js and css files. To use the CDN in a css for example:

background: url(background.png);

to this:

background: url({% asset_url(background.png) %});

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