Customer Output Tags

In FLEX, all checkouts require a customer to login to place an order. Below is a list of output tags that are available.

Output Tag Description
{customer_first} Category First Name
{customer_last} Customer Last Name
{customer_email} Customer Email
{customer_phone} Customer Phone
{customer_fax} Customer Fax
{customer_name} Customer First and Last Name
{customer_type} Customer Type
{customer_type_id} Customer Type ID Number. This number is helpful with conditional statements
{customer_id} Customer ID (Ex: 1004)
{logout_html} HTML link for logout
{logout_url} URL for logout
attribute slug All customer attribute slugs that have been flagged to show externally

To check if a customer is logged in, you can use the following

Operational Tag Description
{customer_logged_in} Boolean Check for if statement if the customer is logged in


{% if customer_logged_in %}
    <a href="{% url(portal) %}">{customer_name}</a> | {logout_html}
{% else %}
    {% link(page_my_account) %}
{% endif %}

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