FLEX System Files

Lead Commerce has a set of system files that it requires in order to run correctly. These files allow things like the Portal, Checkout, Login, and Registration pages to operate correctly.

FLEX System files are automatically included in the default theme as well as each time you create a new theme.

FLEX System Files cannot be deleted from the Lead Commerce base theme nor any custom Themes you create.

The FLEX System Files that are required are included in the table below:

All FLEX files must be made as a page. Any FLEX file not tied to a template or a page will not serve including system files.

index.flex file for the main root URL
checkout.flex File called for checkout
404.flex File called when a url is not found. This does not have a page or attributes available.
register.flex Page called when asking for the default account creation
login.flex Login page for the customer portal and the checkout
forgot.flex Page called when resetting your account and asking for a new password.
result.flex Page called for search results
portal.flex File called for the customer portal
cart.flex The view cart page for cart summary
maintenance.flex File called when Maintenance Mode is enabled. This does not have a page or attributes available.
order-confirmation.flex Custom Order Confirmation
This file is not required but must be named this way. Additionally, the order-confirmation.flex file MUST be tied to a page as well. If you are creating the order-confirmation.flex file from scratch, the Template Type will be Content. Once you have created the order-confirmation.flex content file, you will then need to associate it with a Page. You can call the page whatever you like. When associating the Flex File to the Page, choose Non-template page type and then select the order-confirmation.flex file in the drop down towards the bottom. By default, if you do not use a custom confirmation page option, the default confirmation URL is: http://www.yourdomainname.com/checkout/?complete

FLEX System Files cannot be associated to a Page Template. Also, maintenance.flex and 404.flex cannot be tied to a page or a Page Template.

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