Image Variables

FLEX offers a variety of images for your product. Each product image that is uploaded to a product gets a variety of variation of sizes. Below is a list of the image size:

Type Dimensions Tag
micro 16x16 product_image_micro
icon 32x32 product_image_icon
tile 50x50 product_image_tile
thumb 70x70 product_image_thumb
compact 100x100 product_image_compact
tiny 160x160 product_image_tiny
small 240x240 product_image_small
medium 480x480 product_image_medium
large 600x600 product_image_large
giant 1024x1024 product_image_giant
behemoth 1400x1400 product_image_behemoth

FLEX will automatically resizes your images to these dimensions. If the image is not the proper size, it will add whitespace to make the image the dimensions above while resizing the image to scale.

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