Importing Resources

Getting started with FLEX requires you to first import your theme files. A Theme is a term used when interfacing with the Lead Commerce platform. A Theme is a set of HTML, CSS, Images, Javascript (JS), Fonts, and AJAX files that make up your completed web design.

Once you have completed all of the necessary steps to convert your web design files into HTML, CSS, Images, JS and AJAX, you can begin the Import process using the Lead Commerce Back Office. To begin the import process, navigate to the following:

Content → Configuration → Theme Editor

On the right is a blue menu called the “More Menu”. Select the More Menu and choose Mass Import. A dialogue window will open up this time asking you to select a zip file with all of your theme resources. Select the zip file that contains all of your HTML, CSS, Images, Fonts, and JS files for your design.

NOTE: Lead Commerce will import all of your Fonts, CSS, JS, Images and AJAX and automatically organize these files into their appropriate folders once the import process has completed. Lead Commerce may have organized your files differently than you imported them so update your js and css files to reflect the new structure. This will not import any HTML or FLEX files.

Select the Save and Close button and the Import process will begin. Once this process completes, you should now see all of your files in their appropriate folders.

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