Loop Tips and FAQ

How can I show products that are my "Best Sellers", "Featured Products" or "Sale Items"?

Your best option is to use a product loop with a category filter. We have been asked why can I not use a category loop then write an if statement to filter down the loop? The issue is FLEX does not allow for more than 100 results per loop. If you are filtering the results down within the loop, you are limiting yourself to the first 100 of that category without looking at the attribute.  This will give you an inaccurate result because you are not filtering against all available information. If you create a new category and associate your products to this category, you will be able to loop through your products and allow for certain products to be "featured". Categories were designed and are meant to be used as ways of sorting your products into different sections. The way to look at attributes is as a data point for display and informational purposes.

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