What is FLEX?

FLEX is the programming language used by the Lead Commerce platform to perform different operations within your Storefront. It uses a .flex file extension to process template files. FLEX is a simple programming language that tells Lead Commerce exactly what to do in conjunction with HTML and CSS.

You can use any design that uses a combination of HTML, CSS and JS. In order to start implementing your custom design, you will need to first import these files into the FLEX Theming Editor which can be found in the back office of Lead Commerce:

Content → Configuration → Theming Editor

To Import your HTML, CSS and JS files, choose Import Zip from the More Menu within the Theming Editor. Once you have imported all of these file types, you will then begin creating your individual .flex files for each section of your theme.

For example, if you want to first start with your homepage you would first create a new .flex file called “index.flex”. Once this file is created, simply copy and paste your html code into this file and hit save. Repeat this process for other pages of your custom storefront like Categories, Subcategories, Include files and more.

FLEX uses code snippets which interact with Lead Commerce and tell it to perform certain operations. For example, if you wanted to pull in SEO controls to manage title tags, meta descriptions and meta keywords, you would use the snippet {seo_html} which would then provide your page with the SEO values you had entered when you created the page.

Per our Design Policy, we cannot provide technical assistance to this feature of the Lead Commerce platform. If you are going to make major changes to your theme, then we suggest you contact a web developer or designer who can make those changes for you.

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