Bulk Pricing

Bulk Pricing in Lead Commerce allows you to set groups of discount rates based on quantities being ordered. For example, you might want to provide the following discounts off the base price for a product:

10 or more units - 10% Off
20 or more units - 15% Off
50 or more units - 20% Off

Using the Bulk Pricing feature of Lead Commerce, you can create as many Bulk Pricing groups as you need and then allocate those to specific products or groups of products using the Import Products Update option.

Adding a Bulk Pricing Rule
You can add your bulk pricing rules on specific products by navigating to Catalog > Products and finding the individual products you want to apply the rule to on the Details section of the Product drill down page.

Bulk Pricing has the following options:


NameThe Group name of the Bulk Pricing record you are creating.
StatusThe status of the Bulk Pricing group. This ca be set to either Active, Inactive or Archived. Please Note: If you select either Inactive or Archived, all associated Order Rules will also be deactivated and will not work.

Order Rules

Add Order RuleThis option will open up a window prompt and allow you to add a new order rule with a min and max as well as rate either percentage or flat fee based.
Discount AmountThis is either a flat rate or percentage base discount off the base price of the product.
StatusThis is the status of rule. It can be Active, Inactive or Archived.
Quantity MinimumThis is the minimum amount of units that must be ordered to receive the discounted rate.
Quantity MaximumThis is the maximum number of units that someone must order in order to receive this level discount.
No MaximumYou can set the No Maximum flag if you will not provide any higher rate above the minimum quantity in this Order Rule.

Editing an Order Rule:
If you need to edit an existing Order Rule, you can simply click on the Order Rule in the table and it will open up a window prompt to allow you to make adjustments.

File Upload Section:

File UploadThis section displays all files that have been associated to this category.
Upload Files ButtonThis button is used to upload one or multiple files to the category from your computer.
Row level ColorboxIf you click on each file that has been uploaded it will open a dialogue window to allow you to make changes to the file name, to display the file in the customer portal and view the full path URL.
File NameThe name of the file
File URLThe full path URL of the file.

History Section:

UserThis column indicates which user made the change to this Category.
ActionThis column indicates what was done.
Modified OnThis column indicates when the change occurred.

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