Bulk Processing

The Bulk Processing feature of Lead Commerce allows you to process and fulfill orders quickly based on criteria that you select.  Bulk Processing can assist you when you have multiple orders that you need to process quickly.  Bulk Processing allows you to:

- Print multiple pick lists
- Print multiple packing slips
- Request multiple shipping labels

Details Section:

NameThe Name field is used to name your Bulk Process for use later on.  The name should be something that describes the Bulk Process you are creating and will continue to use over time.  For example, you can name your Bulk Process "FedEx All" which would represent a Bulk Process that will capture all order fulfillments for all classes of shipping.  A good way to 
StatusThe Status field is used to Activate, Deactivate and Archive your Bulk Processes.  Once you chain the status you can always locate any Archived or Deactivated records by clicking on the small little "+" (plus sign) located to the right of the subcomponent name.

Criteria Section:

Customer TypeThe Customer Type option allows you to run a Bulk Process for specific types of customers.  For example, if you have two customer types, customers and wholesalers created you might want to process all of your wholesale orders first, then move on to processing your regular customers orders.
Sales Channel (REQUIRED)Sales Channel is a required field that must be selected when creating your Bulk Process.  This field is useful if you want to process orders by the different channels you sell to.  For example, if you sell on Amazon, you might want to process all of those orders first then move on to your regular web and phone orders second.
Order MinimumThis is the minimum order value that orders must be to be included in this Bulk Process.  For example, you might want to process all orders over $250.00 in value first, then move on to the smaller order second.
Payment StatusThis option allows you to filter down the orders so that you are only processing orders that have been paid in full for example.
Number of ItemsThis option allows you to process orders based on quantity.  For example, you might have orders that contain more than 1 unit and therefore would prefer to process all of your single item orders first, then move on to your more complex multi-item orders second.
WarehouseThis is a powerful option if your business has multiple locations where they process the order fulfillment process.  With this option different warehouse managers can select only the Fulfillments they need to process from their location, thereby eliminating confusion when and duplicate efforts when processing a
Order StatusThis option allows you to filter down the orders and fulfillments that get put into a Bulk Process run by the status of the order.  For example, you might want to process all of your Partially Shipped orders first, then work on all of your Pending orders.
Shipping Provider (REQUIRED)This drop down option is required when creating a Bulk Process for the very first time.  You must specify at least one Shipping Provider.  When you select the Shipping Provider, the Shipping Provider Class drop down will populate with all available classes for that provider.
Shipping Provider ClassThis option feeds from the Shipping Provider option.  You MUST SELECT the Shipping Provider drop down option first before selecting this option.  This is also a powerful filter to process all of your Priority Overnight class orders first, then your Ground orders second for example.
Custom Order AttributesIn addition to all of the filters that Lead Commerce includes above, we also offer the ability to filter your Bulk Processing by custom order attributes you have created.  This area will automatically populate with what ever Active Order Attributes you have created over time.

Process Section

We have included this video below to help better explain how the Run Process option works.

Bulk Processing in Lead Commerce from Lead Commerce on Vimeo.

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