Categories are a way of organizing your products into different subsets. For example, you might have a main category called Products and inside Products subcategories such as Women’s Clothing, Men’s Clothings and Sub-subcategories within each of these such as Shoes, Dresses for Women’s and Suits, Socks and Dress Shirts for Men’s. With Lead Commerce you can create as many Categories and Subcategories as you need and create a Hierarchy that is 5 levels deep.

Categories has the following Sections:

Details Section:

Name The name of the Category used internally.
Status The status of the Category.
Display Name The Category name displayed in the Storefront.
Subcategory Directory Structure The URL directory structure of the category that precedes any products or subcategories that fall within this Category.
Page Template The Category template that this Category page will use when created for the first time. This template can be viewed by navigating to Content > Configuration > Page Templates
Default Subcategory Template The template that will be used when any Subcategories are created within this Category. This template can be viewed by navigating to Content > Configuration > Page Templates
Slug This slug that is created for this Category for FLEX theming.

Subcategories Section:

Subcategories This section will allow you to add and will also list out all Subcategories that have been defined and created in a particular Category.
Add Subcategory Button This button allows you to create new Subcategories within a particular Category.
Name The name of the Subcategory
Status The status of the subcategory.
Display Name The subcategory name that will display in the storefront.
Page Template The page template that is being used for this subcategory.
Slug This slug that is created for this subcategory once it is created. PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to enter anything in this field when creating subcategories.
Directory Structure The directory that will precede any products that are associated to this Subcategory.

Hierarchy Section:

The Hierarchy allows you to organize your subcategories into logical areas that make sense for the products you carry in your store. You can drag and drop the subcategories underneath other subcategories as well as organize them as children or grandchildren of other subcategories by moving them from right to left and top to bottom.

Hierarchy This section allows you to drag and drop Subcategories to create the hierarchy for your products.
Drag and Drop To adjust what levels and what Subcategories show up within each level simply drag and drop each Subcategory to the appropriate levels.
Reset Hierarchy This button allows complete reset of the Subcategory Hierarchy. This will realign all subcategories as standalone, and will remove any existing subcategory organization for this category. This action cannot be undone and the existing category hierarchy cannot be recovered. It will require double validation before it can be completes - the entry of the word "reset" in the required field and selecting the reset button.


The Faceted Navigation feature of Lead Commerce allows you to select both Product Attributes as well as Product Variations for additional filtering capabilities for subcategories.

There are a number of rules that you must adhere to in order for Product Attributes and Product Variations to work. They are as follows:

ONLY Product Attributes that are the TYPE Dropdown or Checkbox will work for Faceted
They MUST be Active status
They MUST be a Product Attribute (i.e. Attributes that have been allocated to any other subcomponents aside from Products will not work)
They MUST have the Show on Website (FLEX) checkbox selected
IDThis is the ID number of the Attribute or Product Variation. Using the checkbox you can select which Attributes and Product Variations you would like to have displayed on your storefront for additional filtering capabilities.
NameThis is the name of the Product Attribute or Product Variation.
TypeThis field indicates whether the element is a Product Attribute or Product Variation.

Related Products Section:

Related Products This section displays what products are currently associated to the Category.

File Upload Section:

File Upload This section displays all files that have been associated to this category.
Upload Files Button This button is used to upload one or multiple files to the category from your computer.
Row level Colorbox If you click on each file that has been uploaded it will open a dialogue window to allow you to make changes to the file name, to display the file in the customer portal and view the full path URL.
File Name The name of the file
File URL The full path URL of the file.

History Section:

User This column indicates which user made the change to this Category.
Action This column indicates what was done.
Modified On This column indicates when the change occurred.

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