Customer Types

Customer Types act as a template or persona of a customer. They allow you to control options like Customer Attributes, Tax Exempt status, Discount Pricing, Payment Methods and Shipping Providers.

Customer Types are very powerful especially as your business grows and you want to sell to multiple different channels. For example, you might sell to some customers on terms which allows them to make purchases from you with a PO number. In this example, you would not want to give any customer who goes through your checkout this option. Customer Types allow you to give specific controls to the type of customer they are.


Name This is the name of the Customer Type you create.
Status This is the current status of the Customer Type.
Default This option will auto-select this customer type in the customer type drop down menu when you go to create a new customer.
Show as Filter This option will add this to the side navigation menu of the Customers subcomponent link in the side menu.

Customer Type Filters:


Tax Exempt This option allows you to avoid charging certain customers sales tax. This option is helpful for distributors or companies that you sell to who resell your products.
Percent Discount This option allows you to pass a discount rate across your entire product list.
Email Customer On Form Confirmation This option if selected will send a confirmation message to the customer when they fill out a web form successfully. The message can be customized using the Customer Autoresponder template.
Customer Email Template This indicates what Autoresponder template to use when sending emails to customers who have filled out a form successfully.
FLEX Notification (FN) A URL for FLEX to send a JSON string based on a new lead or customer. Learn More
Default Login Redirect This is the category or sub-category that members of this customer type will be directed to when they log in.
Automatically Create Invoice This setting allows the system to automatically create and (optionally) send an invoice to a customer when their fulfillment is shipped. This setting is configured on the Cusgtomer Type level so any customers who are associated with this Customer Type would then have their invoices automatically created and/or emailed out to them. The email address for the individual customer is where the invoice will be sent.


This section on Customer Types allows you to filter down certain attributes for specific types of customers.

ID The ID of the attribute.
Name The name of the attribute.
Type This is indicates what type of attribute it is (i.e. dropdown, checkbox, etc).

Shipping Providers:

Provider Name This is the name of the Shipping Provider.

Provider Name

This is the list of shipping classes this provider offers.

Payment Methods:

ID The ID of the Payment Method.
Name The name of the Payment Method.

File Upload Section:

File Upload This section displays all files that have been associated to this category.
Upload Files Button This button is used to upload one or multiple files to the category from your computer.
Row level Colorbox If you click on each file that has been uploaded it will open a dialogue window to allow you to make changes to the file name, to display the file in the customer portal and view the full path URL.
File Name The name of the file
File URL The full path URL of the file.

History Section:

User This column indicates which user made the change to this Category.
Action This column indicates what was done.
Modified On This column indicates when the change occurred.

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