The Customers feature of Lead Commerce consists of the following sections:


Customer TypeThis is the Customer Type that this customer record is associated to. This can be changed but is a required field when creating a new customer for the first time. Additionally, any customers that are created from the storefront checkout will be automatically associated to Customer Type ID 1 (One).
StatusThis is the current status of the customer record. The status can be Active, Inactive and Archived. A customer can deactivate themselves by choosing the Cancel My Account option in the customer portal.
First NameThis is the first name of the customer.
Last NameThis is the last name of the customer.
Email AddressThis is the customers primary email address. Please Note: The customer’s email address is also used for their login for the Customer Portal.
PhoneThis is the main telephone number for this customer.
FaxThis is the main fax number for this customer.
CompanyThis is the Company this customer belongs to. for more information on Company see the Companies feature and online documentation.
Subscribe to NewsletterThis option indicates whether a customer agreed to sign up for email marketing either through the storefront checkout or by selecting that option in the customer portal.


NameFull name of the shipping or billing contact.
StatusThe current status of this address.
RegionThe region selected for this address. The region that is selected will determine the state that is available in the state drop down menu.
PhoneThe phone for this particular shipping or billing address.
Address 1The primary address for either the shipping or billing of this address.
Address 2The secondary address for either the shipping or billing for this address.
CityThe city for this address.
StateThe state for this address.
Zip CodeThe zip code for this address.
Business NameThis is the name of the business if this is entered in when creating an order in the back office.
Default Shipping AddressThis option allows you to specify a default shipping address for this customer.
Default Billing AddressThis option allows you to specify a default billing address for this customer.


LoginThe email address of this customer which is also used for the customer portal login area.
Secret QuestionThe secret question the customer has selected in the customer portal.
Secret AnswerThe answer to the secret question they have selected.

Support Tickets:

This section of Customers is a table view of all current support tickets that have been associated to this customer account.


This is a view of all opportunities that have been assigned to this customer account.


This is a view of all segments that this customer belongs to.

Sales History

This is a view of all orders that this customer placed in your store.

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