The Domain feature of Lead Commerce allows you to point the Lead Commerce software at your web address.  By default all trials of Lead Commerce are deployed as a subdomain of  Because of this, you need to configure Lead Commerce to use your own domain name if you plan on running your storefront on your own domain name.

To make changes to the Domain settings navigate to:

Settings → Licensing → Domain

The Domain feature consists of the following options:

Validate Domain ButtonThe Validate Domain button will allow you to run a test to ensure you have updated your A record correctly to point your domain name at Lead Commerce.
Current DomainThis field is set to the current domain name that Lead Commerce is deployed on.
New DomainThis is the field that tells Lead Commerce the new domain you would like to move your website to. Domain names should be entered in containing the subdomain as well as the full domain name and TLD.


If you are unsure of what to enter in, then simply enter in: (without the subdomain portion).
Save Changes ButtonThe Save Changes button is used to save the new entry in the New Domain small text area.

We have developed some additional guides to assist domain owners who have registered their domain at common registrars such as GoDaddy.

GoDaddy Change A Record Instructions

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