Lead Commerce allows users of the back office to quickly import and export out product data, SKU data and customer information all from an intuitive import export dialogue.

All Import and Export processes run as a background process which means that you can continue to work on other tasks in the back office while your import or export job runs.

The Import/Export process consists of the following:

Import Products (Create)This option allows you to create products from scratch. This is different from an Update which will update existing products you have already created.
Import Products (Update)This process allows you to pass in mass product updates to existing products already created in the Lead Commerce back office.
Exporting ProductsThis allows you to export your Products out of the system and will contain all product data such as price, cost, images, product descriptions and more.
Importing SKUs (Update)Lead Commerce does NOT allow users to create SKUs. Instead our system creates all variations of your products for you automatically saving you time. Therefore, the Import process of SKUs only allows for them to be updated.
Exporting SKUsThis process allows you to export out all information about your SKUs including Inventory Levels if you are using Lead Commerce to maintain your inventory.
Importing CustomersThis process allows you to import your customer data into Lead Commerce.
Exporting CustomersThis option allows you to export out your customer data into Lead Commerce.

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