Importing Products (Update)

The Create option of the Import Products feature of Lead Commerce allows you to apply massive amounts of changes to your product mix with a single CSV file.

In order to invoke this feature of Lead Commerce, you need to select the "Create" from the "Import Type" drop down menu (see image below).

Once you have selected this option map the columns that you would like to update using the drop down menus.

PLEASE NOTE: When performing an Update via the Products Import you will need to specify the column in your CSV which contains the Lead Commerce Product ID. This is the unique identifier that the system uses in order to identify which records need to be updated.

Once the import has completed, the Lead Commerce system will email you the results of the Import Update:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delete images on a Product with the CSV?
You can delete all images on a product by specifying the word "delete" as the image url on the product you wish to remove all images.

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