Navigation allows you to manage certain menus within your storefront. Navigation is typically built into the theme that you are running. When a menu is added to your theme, it is easy to add more items to it or make adjustments without any sort of coding know-how.

Navigation menus are typically used for primary navigation areas such as the header of your storefront. Additionally, Navigation menus can also show you in the footer of your storefront as well.

Navigation consists of the following sections:


NameThis is the name of the navigation. Typically you would name these so that they are easily identifiable such as “Main Navigation” or “Bottom Navigation 1”.
StatusThis is the status of the navigation. The status can be Active, Inactive or Archived.
SlugThis is the slug name. The slug name will be used within your theme to pull it in properly where this navigation shows up typically in either the header or the footer.


NameThis is the name of the link.
StatusThis is the current status of the link.
Link ToThis is an option that allows you to pick what you want to link to.
Item is a DropdownThis option appears when you select either Page or Product. It allows you to have a dropdown menu appear under the main navigation link.
Select CategoryThis option appears when you select the Category option in the Link To drop down menu.
URLThis field appears when you select the External URL in the Link To drop down menu.
PageThis option appears when you select Page from the Link To drop down menu. It allows you to either link directly to a single page or to create a drop down menu that links to multiple pages which you can use by entering in the page IDs in the Page IDs text field.
Select Category
Page IDs (Comma Delimited)This field is presented when linking a Page as a drop down menu. When the Drop Down option is selected, this field appears and can be populated with the Page IDs of the pages you would like to appear within this drop down menu on your storefront.


OrderThe Order section of the Navigation allows you to control the main menu options from left to right or top to bottom depending on how the menu has been integrated into your theme.
Drag and DropUsing your mouse you can drag and drop the order of each main link you have created in the Links section of the Navigation details page.

File Upload Section:

File UploadThis section displays all files that have been associated to this category.
Upload Files ButtonThis button is used to upload one or multiple files to the category from your computer.
Row level ColorboxIf you click on each file that has been uploaded it will open a dialogue window to allow you to make changes to the file name, to display the file in the customer portal and view the full path URL.
File NameThe name of the file
File URLThe full path URL of the file.

History Section:

UserThis column indicates which user made the change to this Category.
ActionThis column indicates what was done.
Modified OnThis column indicates when the change occurred.

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