SEO Settings

SEO Settings in the Lead Commerce back office allows you to change global SEO configurations to your exact needs.

The SEO Settings subcomponent consists of the following options:

SEO Settings This option allows you to customize your URL file type structures as well as turn on or off your HTML and XML sitemaps.
Analytics This option allows you to enter in your Google Analytics code and any other third party scripts that you need your site to run.

SEO Settings:

Page Extension This option lets you choose what file extension to use globally for your site.
XML Sitemap The XML Sitemap automatically gets created and updated by Lead Commerce as you add products and content to your storefront.  You can view your XML Sitemap at any time by going to your root URL (i.e. and then typing in /sitemap.xml.  So the full example would be

301 Redirect:

The 301 Redirect section of the SEO Settings drill down allows users to set global 301 redirects across their entire ecommerce storefront area.  This is extremely powerful when migrating an existing site from one platform to the Lead Commerce platform or when trying to optimize your current URLs to a different SEO format.

The 301 Redirect option allows you to create as many 301 entries as you need and also track each one in an easy to read table format.

Add Redirect URL This option allows you to add a new 301 Redirect to your storefront area.  Use this button to create a new 301 URL redirect.
Old URL This field allows you to enter in the old URL that your are retiring from the site.
New URL This field allows you to enter in the new URL you have created or plan to create.
Delete Option To delete a 301 Redirect that you have already created, simply click on the 301 Redirect record and choose Delete.
Test Redirect This option located inside the window prompt of an existing 301 Redirect allows you to view and ensure the the redirect is working properly.

301 Redirect Validation Rules:

1) You cannot enter the same Old URL twice.

2) All full domains such as will be changed to store.html

To learn about best practices and how to use 301 properly when moving a url to a new one, click here.


robots.txtThis field can be used to create any specific robots.txt entries that you need for your storefront. This will allow you to control what content search engines spiders can index and what content they cannot. By default, Lead Commerce has a robots.txt in which we feel is best practice.


Google Analytics This area is where you can copy and paste your Google Analytics tracking code into Lead Commerce so that you can track your web traffic, keywords and other SEO statistics.
Bing Analytics This area allows you to copy and paste in your BING tracking code.
Other Analytics This area is available for any other 3rd party tracking codes that you might have.
Tracking Metatags This option is for any 3rd party tracking metatags.

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