Theme Editor

The Theme Editor allows back office users to make adjustments to their CSS, JS, AJAX, Images and .FLEX files all from one single area.

Typically the Theme Editor is used by web developers and web designers to create the look and feel of your storefront.

The Theme Editor consists of the following components:

Editor WindowThis is the area where you can see your code. ALl code is highlighted syntax and will contain html, css and in most cases FLEX language throughout. For more information on FLEX and the FLEX theming language please review the FLEX theming guide.
ExplorerThis section allows you to open and explore the contents within each one. By selecting a file, you can then view the contents of that file and also make editing changes.
Create FileThis option is located on the left as a green button and is also available in the More Menu located on the right. This allows you to create new .FLEX files.
Import FileThis will allow you to import and image, js, font or css file.
Mass ImportThis option allows you to import images, js, fonts and css files in bulk. This must be a zip file.
Theme DetailsThis option let you rename your theme, rename the directory or set information about the theme such as author name or description.
Delete FileThis option allows you to delete a .flex file or any other file types. Please Note: FLEX files can only be deleted if they are NOT mapped to any current Pages or Page Templates.
Full Screen ModeThe Arrow icon located on the far right hand side of the editing window will allow you to go Full Screen mode so that you have more room to view your code. Clicking it again will collapse the full screen mode.

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