Vouchers are a way of providing your customers with the ability to purchase goods and services from your Lead Commerce storefront. They are similar to Promotional Codes in that they are entered during the checkout process, however, Vouchers function differently in that they can only be used once and do not provide any rolling balance for future use. This is different than a Promo Code as they are typically used multiple times by multiple customers.  A Voucher can only be used once.


Voucher NameThis is the name of the Voucher set you are creating.  This name should typically reflect the set of Vouchers you are creating.  For example, if you are creating a set of Vouchers for Groupon or Amazon Daily Deals, you might call the Voucher Name Amazon or Groupon August 2014.
StatusThis is the status of the entire Voucher set.  If this is set to Active, then all unused Vouchers in this set will be Active.  If you change the Status of the Voucher to Inactive or Archived, then all Active Vouchers in this set will not work and will be Deactivated.


Start DateThe Start Date is the date that this Voucher can be first used.  If no date is selected then the date when this Voucher is first created will be the Start Date.
End DateThe End Date is the date when this Voucher can no longer be used.  This date will remain blank and no expiration date will be applied to any of the Vouchers if no selection is entered on Create.
Minimum Order AmountThis is the minimum order amount that a user must have during checkout in order for the Voucher to work.


Generate VouchersThis option will open a window prompt which allows you to generate your Voucher codes.  This window option allows you to specify the number of codes you would like to create.  Please Note:  You can only create 250 codes per run.  In addition, you can create a Prefix to quickly identify codes from one set to another as well as the value per Voucher code.
Export VouchersThis option will open a window prompt and let you export out all Active Voucher Codes.  Please Note:  This option will ONLY export out Active UNUSED CODES.
CodeThis is the unique alpha numeric sequence that your customers will use during the checkout process to make a purchase using a Voucher code.
ValueThis is the value of the code.
StatusThis is the current status of the code.  Please Note:  Lead Commerce allows you to change the status of individual codes.  If you would like to deactivate all Active Voucher codes, then change the status of the Voucher set in the Details section of Vouchers drill down area.

Used Vouchers:

The Used Vouchers section will display the Orders that a particular Voucher has been used on.  Please Note:  Only one Voucher can be used per order, so there will never be the case where a single Voucher is associated to multiple orders.

Customer Types:

This Section of the Vouchers drill down allows you to allocate a set of Vouchers to a specific Customer Type.  This is validated when a customer logs into the Lead Commerce storefront.  Please Note:  If you are using the Guest Checkout option, these customers will be automatically associated to Customer Type 1 which means if you have created Vouchers and not allocated those to Customer Type 1, then the Vouchers Codes will not process or run.


This section allows you to allocate Voucher sets to a specific Category or Categories.  

File Upload:

File UploadThis section displays all files that have been associated to this product. This can be viewed in the customer portal as well.
Upload Files ButtonThis button is used to upload one or multiple files to the product from your computer.
Row level ColorboxIf you click on each file that has been uploaded it will open a dialogue window to allow you to make changes to the file name, to display the file in the customer portal and view the full path URL.
File NameThe name of the file
Show in PortalSetting to display this file in the customer portal when a customer has purchased this product.
File URLThe full path URL of the file.


UserThis column indicates which user made the change to this Product.
ActionThis column indicates what was done.
Modified OnThis column indicates when the change occurred.

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