Work Orders

Work Orders allow users to manufacture your own products using existing inventory to create new inventory using predefined Bill of Materials.

Status of Work Orders:

  1. Draft
    A Draft is when a Work Order is still being created and has not been issued yet.
  2. Pending
    This Work Order has been placed, all required units are in stock for the assembly and is awaiting a task to be started.
  3. Backordered
    Some Units are missing from stock and are required to begin the assembly. However, enough exist to begin a smaller quantity of assembly units.
  4. Partially Backordered
    Some Units are missing from stock and are required to begin the assembly. However, enough exist to begin a smaller quantity of assembly units.
  5. In Progress
    All items are in pending and in stock and at least one line item is tied in an active in progress task.
  6. Canceled
    All line items have been completed.
  7. Completed
    All line items have been completed.
  8. Partially Completed
    A task has been completed and other line items have yet to be completed.

Work Orders are made up of the following sections:

Details Section:

Warehouse This is where the assembly will be created using stock from this warehouse.
Work Order Template
What template will be used for email and corresponding paperwork with the Work Order
Start On The scheduled date for work to commence.
Due Date The date all task assigned to this Work Order should be completed by.

Products Section:

In this section, you can define the product class "assemblies" you would like to issue a work order for. Only product types that have this product class will be searchable in this section. If you would like to add additional costs such as labor or utilities, you can add a service code and description.

Add Service The Add Service button allows to specify additional hours, cost, service code and descriptions to the work order. These costs will be corresponded to the unit cost at the end of task completion.
Product Search The Product Search button allows users to search for specific SKUs that are associated to the Warehouse that was selected on the Details section of the Work Order and are flagged as a product class "Assembly" from their product type.
Item This is the line item number which will increment up in single digit increments.
SKU This is the unique SKU number. In some cases this will be created by Lead Commerce. If you are using the Custom SKU option then this will be your unique SKU ID.
Product This is the Product Name and its Variation.
Quantity This is the number of units that have been ordered for the SKU.
Completed This is the number of units that have been completed once the Work Order has been issued.
Cost (Est)
This is the default cost from the SKU. The true cost will be calculated based on batched at time of task completion.
Hours The number of hours for this work order to be completed. (Service Line Item Only)
Status This is the line item status of this particular SKU.

Bill of Materials Section:

This is the list of parts or components required to build and complete this Work Order. This Bill of Materials (BOM) provides the manufacturing parts, numbers, quantities and a incite into existing inventory needed for each component.

Work Notes Section:

This is where Work Order notes can be specified and added to the Work Order.

Task Section:

This is where a task can be specified and assigned. This will allow for the Work Order Items to be assigned and completed. Note that a task can only be created for units you have committed and on hand with this Work Order.

New Task This is where assigning which assemblies will be tied to the task and the quantities of those assemblies.
Task This is the unique task ID.
Quantity This is the total number of items inside this task.
Completed The number of assemblies that have been completed within that task.
Remaining How many assembly products that remain within that task.
Completion Date The date the task was completed.
Lead Time The number of days it took to complete the task.
System User The user that created the task.
Status This is the status of the task.

Summary Section:

This is a preview of the PDF that goes along with your Work Order as specified under the details section.

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