Use Assemblies to Produce Finished Products

Use Assemblies to Track your Bill of Materials (BOM)

If the products you sell have to be assembled in order to be sold, then Assemblies in Lead Commerce are a very useful way to keep track of your component inventory.

Assemblies allow you to associate needed raw materials or components into a Bill of Materials. These Bill of Materials are then tracked using our Work Orders feature, to ensure that your inventory stays accurate and up-to-date.

Simple & Assembly Product Types

Set certain Products to be Simple and others to be Assemblies with a Bill of Materials (BOM).

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Associate your raw materials or components with specific quantities to produce a single assembly product.

Configure BOM Quantities

Indicate the specific amount of the raw material or components needed for each Bill of Material line items.

Assembly Variations

Allow for Assemblies to be configured with options and track Bill of Materials on the Option value level.

Work Orders

Create Work Orders to add more Assemblies to your inventory, automatically keeping track of your raw materials inventory and labor costing.

Costing & Budgeting

Track your Bill of Materials (BOM) and Labor costs into the finished goods at the Assembly SKU level Batch.

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