Customize Lead Commerce to your Business

Lead Commerce Attributes allow you to transform our application into your own.

Create a Data Field in Seconds

Using Lead Commerce Attributes you can create data fields in seconds without any programming knowledge.

You can create drop down menus, checkboxes, small and large text fields, file uploaders and date pickers.

Best of all there is built in validation to ensure your data stays normalized and accurate.

Complete Software Customization

Attributes allow you to incorporate or enhance the base system of Lead Commerce to capture and maintain specific data.

This capability means that our order management software fits around your business instead of your business fitting into our software.

This ensures that our software will grow and expand as your business changes over time.

Faceted Navigation & Filtering

Using Attributes you can also create powerful faceted navigation capabilities within your storefront.

Within the back office you can set certain attributes to be used as filters which allows you to customize the back office navigation to your exact needs as well.

And using the Column Sorter, you can customize any table in Lead Commerce to display the data you care about and need to see quickly.

Personalized Shopping Experiences

Personalization is a powerful way of displaying and changing your storefront to put the products a specific customer likes right in front.

Using our Attributes system allows you to create personalized shopping experiences through data capture and product display capabilities of our theming language FLEX.

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