Bulk Processing

Process Multiple Orders Quickly & Easily

Pick, pack and ship multiple orders all at once

Bulk Processing lets you process hundreds of orders all at once, based on your own custom criteria. With Bulk Processing you can organize your shipping process, and move orders per shipping provider, order minimums, by Sales Channel and more.

Each Fulfillment that gets created in Lead Commerce, can be allocated to a specific Bulk Process, so you'll never end up processing the same order twice. Best of all, if you need to rerun or download your documents again, they are associated to the specific Bulk Process in the Completed section.


Configure your Bulk Process for your own specific criteria or preferences including Sales Channels, shipping providers and custom filters (attributes).

Processing & Completed

Track which Bulk Processes are currently being picked and packed and which ones are completed by ID.


Track your Bulk Process run times historically by ID and time stamp.

Download Previous Runs

Download your previously run Bulk Processes and retrieve all of your pick lists, packing slips and shipping labels in one go.

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