Capture and track your leads from inception to close

Capture leads in Lead Commerce and track your sales cycles

Lead Commerce allows you to create and load leads from either the back office area or through dedicated web pages and web forms on the internet. You can track the date the lead entered your system and organize them into subsets using our custom fields technology called Attributes.

Leads are different than a Customer in Lead Commerce and are separated into their own area within the Prospects component. You can associate Leads to specific custom fields and also create Opportunities (another Lead Commerce feature), to track the progress of a deal from start to finish.

Import & Capture Leads

Import your leads from tradeshow lists, excel files, webpages, landing pages and web forms out on the internet.

Web Lead Forms

Capture leads using our custom forms technology and place these forms on any web page on your website.

Custom Fields (Attributes)

Create custom fields to extend the Leads interface in the back office of Lead Commerce as well as your web forms, with custom data that's important to your business.

Quote to Order

Create Quotes and custom proposals for your Leads, and convert those Quotes into an Order, when your Lead indicates they want to purchase from you.

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