Track Sales Progress with Opportunities

Track Deals from Inception to Close

Lead Commerce allows you and your sales team to track the progress of working with existing customers and new prospects on orders, service calls, or any conversations that you need to record which can turn into revenue.

Opportunities allow your sales representatives to record and track conversations that they have with prospects and customers, which gives you a proper insight into your sales pipeline, sales cycles and more.

Record & Track Progress

Let your salesforce track progress of new sales opportunities and track their phone calls, emails and conversations from inception to close.

Set Followup Dates

Let your sales people set a follow up date to contact your leads back about their interest in your product or service.

Track Opportunities Stage

Let your sales team report on their current pipeline, allowing them to indicate where opportunities are based on stage.

Add Custom Fields

Using Attributes, extend the Opportunities feature with custom data fields and filtering directly within the interface.

Change Ownership

Segregate your leads and customers by user or role. Allow certain sales people to see just the leads and customers you want them to see.

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