Page Templates

Create reusable page layouts with Page Templates

Create reusable page layouts with Page Templates

Page Templates let you define certain types of content that will be produced frequently. Content like blogs, FAQs, instructions, web forms, lead forms are perfect for Page Templates.

For web developers, you can create Page Templates to make it easier for business people to build dynamic content, without any understanding of HTML and other web programming languages.

Create & Edit

Create templates that get reused constanly like blogs, new articels, landing pages, contact forms and basic content pages for your website.

SEO Controls

Control whether your Page Template will belong in a certain directory structure and also the file extension it should create by default.

Content Attributes

Add additional filters and custom data fields (Attributes) to Pages and Page Templates to make building specific pages easier for end users.

Easy Editing Controls

Associate your custom html, css and js code to a page template to control the look and feel of your pages on the website, without your end users having to edit.

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