Purchase Orders

Keep your Purchasing In Sync with your Inventory

Purchasing & Inventory in Perfect Harmony

When you use Purchase Orders in Lead Commerce, you get a completely synchronized inventory and provisioning process. From fulfilling backorders to a full breakdown of item commitments. Lead Commerce purchasing makes it easy to know what you need, when you need it and how long it takes to get.

As inventory is received in each Purchase Order, either manually or through barcode scanners, your stock levels are immediately replenished, orders are allocated product automatically based on FIFO rules. Receiving inventory is also broken down at the Batch level, so you know specifically what Lots were used in the fulfillment process during Pick, Pack and Ship operations.

Create Drafts

Lead Commerce allows you to create a Draft of the Purchase Order that you are creating without any impact to Inventory.

Lead Times

As you create and then receive inventory on a Purchase Order, Lead Commerce tracks your leads times for each SKU, giving you valuable historical data to make future purchases with.


Some vendors that you work with might require you to order in larger quantities then you inventory and sell the products in. Overlay solves this problem giving you the ability to order in one size, but receive in another.


All Purchase Orders can be filtered down to Draft, Pending, Received, Over-received, Partially Received and Canceled.


With a few rules set at the Vendor level, you can have Purchase Orders automatically sent to your Vendors when POs are created and then placed.

Custom PO Templates

With our Autoresponders templates, you have complete control over the look and feel of your Purchase Orders right down to the logo.

Receiving Inventory

Flexible receiving options such as over-receiving, partially receiving, and batch receiving for products that have Serial or Lot sequences and Limited Shelf Life items.

Barcode Scanning

Integrate with a USB or Bluetooth connected barcode device, and start receiving inventory quickly and efficiently.

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