Customized Reporting Templates That Help You Understand Your Business

Reports Based On Your Criteria, Not Ours.

Every business is different. We built our Reporting feature to allow for this. And best of all, they require no special setup or customization. Its all done quickly and easily without consultants or additional costs.

Forget pre-canned. When you build a new report, you select the criteria and the filters that are important to you. And custom fields you have created are immediately available to your reports as soon as you create them.

User-defined Report Templates

Each Report you create becomes a reusable template that can be
modified over time and re-run whenever you like.

Custom Filters

Any custom data fields (Attributes) that you create, are immediately
available to your new and existing Reports.

Time Periods

Run your reports across all areas of your business based on custom
start and end dates that you specify at run time.

Report Archives

View a complete history of all the Reports you have run and download
those reports when ever you need them.

Export as CSV

All reports are emailed to you as a CSV file so you can easily
import the data into your favorite spreadsheet program.

Dashboard Import

Most dashboard solutions allow for CSV format files, so taking a
custom report from our system and importing into your dashboard is a

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